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Vineyard Brisbane West is a community of Christ-followers who enjoy meeting together and serving God and our wider-community. We value relationships above projects, yet we believe there’s a divine wellspring of life in you that God wants to bubble up and flow outward into the community.

Our hope is to see you sowing yourself, your gifts and your resources into both growing and enjoying the fruit of Kingdom Community. Get connected to one of our existing ministries, groups or initiatives; build relationships and be a blessing to others; and if the Father prompts you to start something, we’d love to talk with you about giving it a go!

Worshipping the King

In the Vineyard we love worshipping the King. Our fellowship has many passionate musos. If music is your thing you’re welcome to join our Worship Community. Contact Katrina McDougall or Dan Weekes to find out more.

Worship the King home group is once again available in 2018 if you’d like to host it in your home. See our weekly email newsletter for upcoming dates.

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We have seen amazing growth and multiplication in our Children’s Ministry. This would not have been possible without our team of faithful volunteers. Children are a big deal for Jesus and so they are a big deal for us!

We run two discipleship groups during our Sunday gathering, Skip for ages 3 to 6 and Jump for ages 7 to 11. If you’ve been part of our community for over six months and you’d like to sow into our kids then please let us know and we’ll begin the process of applying for a Blue Card.

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We are passionate to see our youth equipped to stand strong and be a light to their friends. In 2017 we’ve already seen 7 of them baptised!

We run our Gen Impact discipleship group during our Sunday gathering for ages 12 to 17. If you’ve been part of our community for over six months and you’d like to inspire and invest in our youth then please let us know and we’ll begin the process of applying for a Blue Card.

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Women’s Group

We find that women rarely set aside time for themselves as they juggle the responsibilities of work and family. Our belief is that it’s essential for us to create space to hear what God is saying to us.

Our small group is friendly, supportive and relaxed. Come as you are… you’ll be loved!

Join us fortnightly on Wednesday evenings. Contact Helen Gould to find out when and where we’re meeting next.

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Refugee Connect

The cry of God’s heart should be the cry of our heart! Refugee Connect is a registered charity set up as a Christian based refugee relief centre.

We help refugees and people seeking asylum who are in Brisbane to settle in and integrate with the wider community.

Contact Ken and Ros Myers if you’d like to get involved and for more info visit refugeeconnect.org.au

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